Detailing and car wash appointment in Woodbridge 

Time for some TLC?

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Every car deserves to be pampered, and at Martin Grove Volkswagen our detailing experts are happy to help. While investing in a professional auto spa service is about preserving your Volkswagen's visual appeal, the ultimate goal is for you to enjoy your driving experience. Our team takes pride in bringing out the best in every Volkswagen vehicle, as we help you get back on the road with style!

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The Bronze Package provides high-quality cleaning at an affordable price. This package includes:

  • Basic hand wash of the exterior
  • Interior vacuuming of seats, carpets and floor mats


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The Silver Package leaves your vehicles looking fresh and new inside-out. This package includes all the items in the Bronze Package, plus:

  • In and out window cleaning
  • Power spraying of all wheels
  • Inner fender and outer carriage cleaning
  • Interior vinyl and rubber treatment


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The Gold Package includes all the necessary components to keep your vehicle in prime condition. This package includes all the items in the Bronze and Silver Package, plus:

  • Engine shampoo
  • Carpet and floor mat shampoo


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The Platinum Package is the ultimate service package for your vehicle. Get a top-notch detailing, polishing, protecting and beautifying process that combined the best of our interior and exterior services at one AMAZING price. This package includes all the items in the Bronze, Silver and Gold Package, plus:

  • Complete exterior polish and wax
  • Zillion interior and exterior protection (Protecting your vehicle from weather-induced fading, UV exposure, oxidation, bird droppings, road salt and much more on the outside. While protecting your fabric and carpet from stains and harmful microbes on the inside.)


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