Technology Explained Simply

March 12 2018, Martin Grove Volkswagen

Technology Explained Simply

Finally, a car company explaining technology simply and clearly? Who’da thought? German Engineers. That’s who.

Side Impact Beams

See how high strength, diagonal door beams provide additional protection …

Laser Welding

Understand why every Volkswagen is laser welded, not spot welded …

Self-Drying Brakes

In the rain, understand how our brake discs remove water so you stop more safely.


Understand how Direct Fuel Injection works and why it provides more performance.

Adaptive Front Lights

See how our headlamps turn corners with you …


Understand how our Direct Shift Gearbox reduces lag and saves fuel.


Proof that our Turbo Direct Injection Clean Diesel engine is as clean as we say.


Understand just how intelligent our Intelligent Crash Response System actually is …

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